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Civil law’s fields of practice are very numerous. Our team offers you legal services in contract law, property law, and construction law. Misunderstandings with a neighbour, non-compliance with a clause in a contract, disputes with a residential or commercial tenant, hidden defects, etc.; each civil law situation is unique.

We provide you with legal advice and assistance to help you enforce your rights and find the right solution.


  • Contract dispute;
  • Collection of accounts;
  • Interpretation of contractual clauses;
  • Negotiating and drafting contracts;
  • Assistance for requests to the Small Claims Division.

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  • Purchase dispute;
  • Hidden defects;
  • Neighbours dispute;
  • Tribunal administratif du logement (formerly known as Régie du logement);
  • Commercial lease.

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  • Hypothecary recourse;
  • Publication of a notice of hypothec;
  • Hypothec release;
  • Construction-related dispute;
  • Collection of accounts.

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The steps to resolve your dispute

Litige civil | Assistance juridique | Avocat en droit civil

first meeting

When you use our services, the first step is to meet to establish the mandate and provide the essential documents. We take the time to listen to your concerns regarding the process that awaits you. We answer all questions that may bother you.

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case study

Once the mandate is in our hands, we study it with great care to gather all the useful information. We then establish a complete and effective strategy.

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mandate execution

We then work by targeting precisely the mandate’s issues. We show high rigour and tenacity to offer you concrete and effective solutions in your best interest.

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judicial procedures

If no agreement with the other party is possible, we then start judicial procedures. We accompany, guide, and support you in this step.

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« Obtain Accessible Solutions And Effective Results »

our civil practice fields

Novem Attorneys is your one-stop-shop for comprehensive legal services in contract law, property law, and construction law.

Contract law is involved in all fields where relationships between individuals must be managed. Our team knows all contract law’s principles to help you see more clearly and start a good relationship.

As for property law and construction law, these two fields are related. While property law affects building owners, managers, administrators, boards of directors, co-ownership syndicates, and tenants, construction law governs relationships between clients, architects, building contractors, developers, and individuals.

Litige civil | Assistance juridique | Avocat en droit civil

novem attorneys: your business firm for your rights’ excellent protection

At Novem Attorneys, you choose a team, not a lawyer. We work together to optimize the results, thanks to realistic and adapted solutions. Our thorough knowledge of the laws that govern your daily life allows us to guide you through your procedures, carry out the required legal research, draft procedures, and, if necessary, negotiate in your interest or represent you before the court.

Discover our firm

Me Elena Milioto, droit familial, droit civil et droit des affaires

Me Elena Milioto

family law, civil law, and business law

Member of the Barreau du Québec since 2006, Me Elena Milioto obtained her law degree from the University of Quebec in Montreal (UQAM). She concentrates her practice mainly in civil law, business law, and family law.

She began her career in a small Montreal office where, from her first cases, she was called to plead in court. She was the founder and owner of a construction company in civil works for several years, which is where she acquired her cutting-edge expertise and her many management skills that allow her today to advise her clients with an expert hand.

Professionalism, rigour, and determination are at the heart of her relationships with her clients. She aims to respect your rights and protect your interests.

Did You Know That :

the beneficiaries of a legal hypothec of construction are restricted?

Construction work requested by an owner may allow the general or specialized contractor, worker, architect, engineer, or supplier of materials to benefit from a legal construction mortgage.

a commercial tenant can publish an extract from the lease?

Publishing an extract from the commercial lease, as well as any amendment or renewal, to the Land Register of Quebec obliges the new purchaser of a property to respect the terms of said lease. It also allows the tenant to avoid the termination of the lease, which would result in eviction.

you have about 6 months to report a hidden defect?

From the moment you discover a hidden defect, you have about 6 months to report it and 3 years to initiate legal procedures.

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